Fidget Cube version 2 purple Plastic fidget cube EDC toys


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Minimum order quantity is 2. So you need to pay $9.99X2= $19.98. We will send you two different color cubes. One is your selected color and other color will be randomly selected.

Fidget Type: Cube Version 2
Sides: 12
Colour: Purple
Weight : approx 60 grams
Materials : Plastic
Height:approx 75 cm

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  • THE ULTIMATE TOOL TO HELP YOU FOCUS! Fidget, focus, and free yourself with the Fidget Dodecagon! The Fidget Dodecagon is a premium patent pending 12 sided fidget toy specifically designed to help you focus and improve cognitive performance.
  • REDUCE STRESS: Use our 12 sided fidget cube to help reduce stress and anxiety. Fidgeting is said to be beneficial for kids with ADHD as well as to help people be more productive and creative.
  • BETTER THAN THE CUBE: More features than a standard fidget cube. Our fidget toy has 12 sides guaranteed to keep your hand busy. Whether you’re a clicker, a flicker, a roller or a spinner there’s something for everyone!
  • IDEAL GIFT: The Fidget Dodecagon makes for an ideal gift. It is an addictive desk toy that includes all the great fidgeting actions one could possibly want and need in one easy to hold, 12-sided device.


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